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Future Plans

EUROC B.V. has disclosed details of its new mid-term Strategy for 2020. Following a period of consolidation, the liner shipping industry has changed significantly. EUROC has shown consistent growth in terms of transport capacity. At the same time, further consolidation amongst the largest players in the industry is less attractive due to decreasing incremental scale benefits. As a result, the industry has come to a turning point. EUROC B.V. will therefore focus on significantly improving quality for its customers, selective global growth and becoming profitable throughout the cycle.

"Size is not the name of the game anymore, but customer orientation. It is obvious that customers expect more reliable supply chains, so our industry needs to change and invest more."

EUROC B.V. Strategy 2023 is based on various elements: Key cost initiatives focus on network optimisation, terminal partnering and further improvements in procurement and container steering. Furthermore, an optimised revenue management will ensure that the most attractive cargo gets on board. At the core of the new Strategy is an enhanced differentiation by offering unrivalled levels of reliability and service quality. EUROC B.V. is making changes to its structures, systems, processes and operations and focusing single-mindedly on delivering customers a better and more efficient experience in their supply chains.

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