• Marvel Solomons

New Collaborations

In September 2017, a representative of EUROC B.V. visited Benin for the second time. The goal was to discuss a possible contribution to a port development project in Port Novo. The details of the project and the strategic importance of the Brazilian market to the port of Amsterdam, motivated Port of Amsterdam International to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), stipulating the intention of both parties to collaborate intensively in several areas.

“A promising future for both Benin and modern logistics”

The consortium of companies from informed EUROC B.V. of their advanced plans to develop a large inland port. In Port Novo lies the heart of raw materials and trading. A new inland port can ensure that the logistics of transporting these seeds and crops becomes more efficient. The consortium is looking for a contribution by EUROC B.V. in port development and port management. The Embassy of the Netherlands in Port Novo and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management have made significant efforts in establishing this contact. For this reason the MoU was signed at the office of the Ministry. The representative of the consortium expressed large confidence in the expertise and experience of Port of Amsterdam International. Its international track record made a large impression. The signing of the MoU is a first step towards a structured collaboration.

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